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12 Days of Architecture: 11 Maps for Haiti 12 Days of Architecture: 11 Maps for Haiti

12 Days of Architecture: 11 Maps for Haiti

by Architecture for Humanity

December 22, 2012
In homage to one of our favorite holiday tunes, Architecture for Humanity is sharing 12 of our favorite moments of 2012. Day two: our Haiti Rural Mapping Program
In Haiti, many towns, villages, roads, and waterways are not currently located or cataloged on a map, and settlement patterns are currently roughly estimated through aerial and satellite photography. How better to benefit 500,000 people than by making them maps?
With a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation, Architecture for Humanity is mapping eleven communes across southern and central Haiti: Cavaillon, Maniche, Mirebalais, Saut d'Eau, Boucan Carre, Lachapelle, Arcahaie, Aquin, St Louis du Sud, Cayes, and Ile a Vache.
After months of work, entire days wandering through villages marking coordinates, the Haiti Rebuilding Center survey team completed the first GPS-based maps ever recorded for these communes. 
Images courtesy Architecture for Humanity.
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