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12 Days of Architecture: 8 Fields-a-Playing 12 Days of Architecture: 8 Fields-a-Playing

12 Days of Architecture: 8 Fields-a-Playing

by Architecture for Humanity

December 28, 2012

In homage to one of our favorite holiday tunes, Architecture for Humanity is sharing 12 of our favorite moments of 2012. For day five, here's eight fields-a-playing—the Nike Gamechangers grants program
The Nike Gamechangers program enabled the completion of eight sites promoting activity, play and friendly competition—including a skate park in New York City's Lower East side; two sites of sports infrastructure in Delhi, India; a center for girls' empowerment through football in Jharkhand, India; a basketball court and playground in Gan Hai Zi, a Chinese mountain village; a football/technology center in Talca, Chile; a basketball court for the 1,200 students at the Pele school in Port-au-Prince; and a farm-turned reclaimed public sports pitch for tsunami-stricken Motoyoshi, Japan.
Visit the Gamechangers site for more photos.



Images courtesy Architecture for Humanity.
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