3D Childhood: Crayon Creatures Turns Kid's Drawings Into Sculpture

Posted by Yasha Wallin

These days everyone's jumping on the 3D Printing bandwagon, from volumetric architecture to food production, the possibilities of new printing technology are endless. Now, using this technique, the Barcelona, Spain-based company Crayon Creatures has come up with a way to turn children's drawings into mini sculptural keepsakes—making the adorable, even more so.

Running about $130 a piece, and shipped worldwide, it's a unique way to archive a child's—or for that matter, your own—creativity. All you have to do is email an image of your "awesome drawing" and in three weeks it will have come to life.

Made to order, these creatures are sculpted from sandstone using a meticulous process. "Basically, I inflate the drawing like a balloon. Technically, I define the contour lines, create a plane where I project the drawing as a texture, then I extrude it, and finally I apply some pressure physics to soften the shape," the fabricator explains.

While cute and cuddly, the company warns against using them as toys, insisting, "It will look better in your shelf than in a child’s mouth."

Images courtesy of Crayon Creatures