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Nine Reasons to Celebrate Farmer's Market Week Nine Reasons to Celebrate Farmer's Market Week

Nine Reasons to Celebrate Farmer's Market Week

by American Farmland
August 9, 2013

It's National Farmers' Market Week (August 4-10), so we at American Farmland Trust rounded up 9 great reasons to celebrate. Some of the reasons were chosen from suggestions shared with us by thousands of consumers who pledged $10 to the I Love My Farmers' Market Celebration.

1. "It's local community coming together to support and nurture each other and the earth we live on."—Tomi from Homer, NY.

2. For every $10 spent on local food, as much as $7.80 is re-spent in the local community.

3. "There's nothing better than interacting with the people that nourish your body."—L.V. of Ashtabula, OH.

4. "I see some of my favorite people, enjoy tasty local food and watch all the children run around and play together. It's great!"—Rachel from Hardwick, VT.

5. Farmers take home almost $8-$9 instead of the $1.55 that farmers and ranchers receive from the retail market.

6. "We LOVE knowing the people who grow and harvest what we eat. Shopping at the farmers' market every Saturday morning connects us to our food and to our community in a way that no other activity can. It is an essential part of lives."—Diane from Palo Alto, CA.

7. More than an acre of farmland is lost every minute to poorly planned development.

8. "I love supporting local farms. Farmers are the backbone of this country’s food supply."—Felicia from Auburn, NY.

9. "Because everyone is so friendly, the produce is beautiful, and the selection is wonderful."—Tina from Healdsburg, CA.

Pledge your $10 to help your local farmers' market become a top state market or in the Top 100 Markets (pledging ends September 9: final winners will receive special badges and bragging rights forevermore).

Want to support family farmers? Pledge to shop at local farmer's markets. Click here to add this to your To-Do list.

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