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Awesome Eco-Housing Tower for Taipei Shaped Like a Double Helix Awesome Eco-Housing Tower for Taipei Shaped Like a Double Helix

Awesome Eco-Housing Tower for Taipei Shaped Like a Double Helix

by Yasha Wallin

May 29, 2013

The most interesting thing about Agora Garden, a new residential building set to open in 2016 in Taipei isn't its vertical gardens that boast organic vegetables and medicinal plants on every floor; nor is it the recycled materials it will be built from; or even the rain water tanks that will be used for irrigation in the gardens, the nests for birdlife, or the composting facilities that will convert waste into fertilizer and garden furniture. Those are all pretty cool features. While it's sustainable and environmentally sound, the most striking thing about Agora Garden, designed by Belgium's Vincent Callebaut Architectures, is that it will be shaped like a strand of DNA. A building as double helix—source of life, synthesis, and being.

What that means is that wherever you are standing, looking at the structure, your perspective will be different. Vincent Callebaut explains: "Neither single tower, or twin towers, the project arises towards the sky with two helicoidal towers gathering themselves around a central core. This architectural party offers a hyper-compacted core and a maximal flexibility of the housing storeys (with the possibility to unify two apartment units in one without any footbridge). It brings a reduction of view angles towards the urban landscape and a hyper-abundance of suspended gardens… By metaphor, the obtained sinuosity corresponds to the universal musical symbol of harmonic revealing the notion of ultimate balance praised by the project."

Oh, and it has a waterfall inside. No big deal.

Images via Vincent Callebaut Architectures

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