A First-Aid Kit You Can Use With One Hand

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A First-Aid Kit You Can Use With One Hand A First-Aid Kit You Can Use With One Hand

A First-Aid Kit You Can Use With One Hand

by Adele Peters

July 9, 2013

The typical first aid kit hasn't changed that much since it was first invented in the 1880s, so there's plenty of room for innovation. Here's one new proposal from recent Royal College of Art grad Gabriele Meldaikyte: a home kit that can be used with just one hand (especially useful if you're unlucky enough to be doing first aid on yourself). Bandages and gauze can easily be unwrapped and applied one-handed.

The kit's divided in sections for each injury that's most common at home—burns, scratches, and deep cuts. You don't need to know what you're doing when you open it up; the kit clearly leads you through each step of the process. The designs for most first aid kits don't take into consideration how they're used in real life, the designer says, and she wanted to change that. Instructions are short, simple, and come with graphic illustrations. Check out pictures of the kit below and on Meldaikyte's site.

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