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A Marketplace to Buy and Sell Abandoned Side-Project Startups A Marketplace to Buy and Sell Abandoned Side-Project Startups

A Marketplace to Buy and Sell Abandoned Side-Project Startups

by Meghan Neal

August 31, 2013

A newly launched website, SideProjectors, wants to be the place where startups go before they die—in the hopes that someone will pick up and revive the fledgling companies, so that they may live on. 

The hub is a marketplace for developers and entrepreneurs' pet side projects. You can sell off a half-baked company entirely to someone passionate about moving it forward. Or, budding entrepreneurs can connect with people interested in being co-founders, to give the startup a boost.

SideProjectors was founded by Australian software engineer Eric Bae. "Almost all software engineers and entrepreneurs have their own little 'side projects,' " he told the Daily Dot in an email. “They have the creative skill (i.e. programming) to make their own websites, mobile apps, or games… but unfortunately, many of these interesting side projects often get abandoned due to a variety of reasons.”

The board is all over the place—startups sell from dirt cheap to tens of thousands of dollars. They range from noble intentions like monitoring air quality and environmental health, to more ridiculous, low-brow ideas like uPoop, an app to "redefine the pooping experience," or  First World Probs, a user-generated site where visitors can whine about their first-world problems. Then there are startups like Hey Chicago, an events website currently looking for a co-founder.  

Personally, I think it's a great idea—a way to match the wealth of innovative ideas with the people that can execute them, since those two things aren't always going to come from the same person. I wonder what will be the first rehabilitated startup to come out of discount bin and hit the bit time.


Image via (cc) flickr user Startup PG

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