A National First: San Francisco Counts Its Parking Spots

Posted by Andrew Price

1269904588-Port_meters_small-1In what seems to be a first for any major American city, San Francisco just counted every parking spot within its borders. The total: 441,541.From Streetsblog:

Of the total, over 280,000 are on-street spaces, 25,000 of which are metered. For just the on-street spaces, that is roughly the equivalent area of Golden Gate Park."Most cities have very little knowledge of their parking inventory," said Rachel Weinberger, a planning professor at the University of Pennsylvania and former transportation policy adviser to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Weinberger called the parking census a "tremendous effort." "Without the basic knowledge [city planners] have no basis on which to make decisions about future supply policy, about current management policy or even about how their transportation systems are working."
This was part of the city's preparations for its new SFPark system, which will dynamically adjust the price of metered parking based on real-time demand. To learn more about how it will work, have a look at this GOOD video: