A New Financial Resource for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers in the Sharing Economy

Posted by Meghan Neal

With the trend of self-employment and freelancing on a sharp rise (now one in three employees in the U.S.), there are a lot of questions popping up about how to make money in this new business marketplace.
A new economic model calls for new resources to help. Enter 1099.is. It's a newly launched website that offers questions and answers about taxes and other financial issues related to the "new work": crowdfunding projects, online marketplaces (like this one I wrote about recently), working for yourself, and sharing resources, like renting out your house, or using ride-sharing programs (which are becoming more common for businesses).
The 1099.is website explains:
In the process of meeting with dozens of participants in the Sharing Economy—from crowdfunding platforms, car & ride-sharing startups, freelance writers, designers, and coders—we heard the same complaint: taxes are a constant source of uncertainty and pain for all parties involved. 
There's a lot of information on the site—I for one will definitely use it as a resource. The answers are crowdsourced from the community, including experts from the Collaborative Fund, an investing fund for the collaborative economy, which worked to launch the site.

Image via (cc) flickr user Philip Taylor