A Stunning Library and Clinic Made From Shipping Containers

Posted by Yasha Wallin

Recently we talked about a bridge in Tel Aviv, made entirely of shipping containers. This method of building cuts costs, recycles materials, and builds beautiful, sturdy structures without creating more waste. Now, dpavilion Architects have created a building in Batu, Indonesia, incorporating these same principals, but taking it a step further, by focusing on the inside of the structures for good as well. The Amin library is an eight room library and educational center housing 6,000 books available for the locals in the region—a small agricultural town, polarized because of the gap between rich and poor. The project, which also includes a small clinic, is accessible to all.

Each colored container (which only cost 820 USD per unit) houses a different subject of book. According to designboom, "the blue volume is for entertainment and popular books; the red containers extend out as a canopy over an open-air circular reading terrace, and holds the science and technology books; the yellow is reserved for the women's reading room; the green greets visitors with the main lobby space.

How often would you go to the library if yours looked like this?

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Images via dpavilion Architects by Ganny Gozaly