A Two Wheeled Unicycle? Meet the Bicymple

Posted by Yasha Wallin


The latest in innovative bike design has just hit the market: The Bicymple is sort of like a high-performance unicycle with a training wheel. By eliminating the chain and plenty of moving parts, this simplified design is a pared down take on the two-wheeled classic mode of transportation. 
But this thing isn't for clowns. To counter what could be a slower than usual bike speed, an overdrive hub system is in place to "make the gearing comparable to that of the average single speed bike," according to their website. The hub then "joins the crank arm axis with the rear-wheel axis, shortening the wheelbase and minimizing the design."
The Bicymple is the brainchild of the Bellingham, WA design house Scalyfish. The designers will be the first to admit they aren't looking to compete with the traditional bicycle. "The Bicymple has different goals in mind--uniqueness, fun, functionality, and style," say the designers. "If you want to turn heads and have something truly unique, the Bicymple is for you!"
What do you think, would you ride one?