Agri-tecture: Food's Next Big Movement? Agri-tecture: Food's Next Big Movement?
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Agri-tecture: Food's Next Big Movement?

by Aubrey Yee

March 6, 2013

Agri-tecture is a catchy new name for the intersection of architecture and agriculture which is being seen most prominently in the emerging urban farming movement. Henry Gordon-Smith, a graduate student in sustainability management at Columbia University, coined this unique word through his blog, Agri-tecture, where it’s defined as buildings that grow food or building-integrated agriculture (BIA).

When thinking about where high-density urban farms might thrive, the folks at Agri-tecture see this map as a blueprint for change. “Improving the available fresh food in the urban food deserts across this country would be a good place to prioritize site selection for hydroponic and aeroponic farms. Distribution must be improved to build resilient food security,” he wrote.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user GaryKnight; map courtesy of USDA


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Agri-tecture: Food's Next Big Movement?