Al Gore's "Gonna Start Acting Crazy" Al Gore's "Gonna Start Acting Crazy"

Al Gore's "Gonna Start Acting Crazy"

by Ben Jervey

November 26, 2009
I have to admit that I'm no real fan of NBC's "Green Week." (That conscious marginalization of "The Environment" into discreet chunks of pithy content that's so easily forgotten when the block ends doesn't do a lot to help, in my opinion.) And, as much as I love the guy and all he's done, I have to further admit that I haven't paid a lot of attention to Al Gore recently. But credit where credit's due: He was hilarious with Seth Meyers on SNL's Weekend Update last week. Gore's backup plan if politicians don't start taking climate change seriously: "I'm gonna start acting crazy." He even hits "Green Week" for the reasons that have me rolling my eyes: "I know the score. Once a year, during Green Week, NBC calls up Al Gore to come on TV and talk about the Environment." And yet, somehow, this Weekend Update almost makes the whole "Green Week" thing worthwhile.
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Al Gore's "Gonna Start Acting Crazy"