An iPad Case for Your Inner Book Nerd

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An iPad Case for Your Inner Book Nerd An iPad Case for Your Inner Book Nerd

An iPad Case for Your Inner Book Nerd

by Elisa Huang

March 27, 2011

While you've embraced all the high-tech innovation and convenience of e-readers, that doesn't mean you have to surrender all of your book-loving sensibilities to modern technology. Take heart, classic book lovers: Minnesota-based Pad & Quill will give your e-reader a vintage spin that even a librarian will love. Their line of cases for the Nook, Kindle, iPhone, or iPad (their iPad 2 cases start shipping this Friday and even have a punched-out hole for the camera lens) have the look, feel, and even pleasantly musty smell of your favorite leather-bound classic edition book, because they're made in the same fashion.

Using traditional bookbinding techniques, artisans fit together the leather covers and cloth liners and use finished Baltic birch to create the "pages" that frame the iPad securely in place.

"Locating the best artisans for the task has always been the most challenging aspect as this art is dying in many parts of the country due to the increased digital book marketplace," says Pad & Quill co-founder Brian Holmes. "We are blessed here in Minneapolis to have some great veteran binderies that offer a full range of services with 30-and 40-year book veterans leading the operation teams."

Prices ranges from $50 to $70, depending on the size, but that flutter you hear from a bibliophile's heart? Priceless.

Images from Pad & Quill
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