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Architecture for Pets: 13 Famous Designers Take on the Dog House Architecture for Pets: 13 Famous Designers Take on the Dog House

Architecture for Pets: 13 Famous Designers Take on the Dog House

by Adele Peters

December 13, 2012

These are not typical dog houses. 13 famous architects have each designed unique dwellings for dogs, in a project that pushes the boundaries of what architecture means (and, perhaps, also takes adorable dog websites to a new level). Each concept comes with a blueprint that's free to download online at Architecture for Dogs. The project was created by Muji's art director, Kenya Hara, and it's up at Design Miami now.

Here are a few of the designs:

Kenya Hara, on his design for a teacup poodle

When the dog runs up the stairs, he ends up at just the right height to be face-to-face with a person. I thought up a device/installation that equalizes human scale and dog scale, or in other words, a scale modifier. [Read more]

MVRDV, on their design for a beagle:

There is no such a thing as architecture for dogs; dogs live in people's architecture, and according to the owners' choices. Challenged to design architecture for dogs, we decided to give the animal a space of its own. [Read more]

Reiser + Umamoto, on their design for a chihuahua:

The Cloud is architecture that travels with the dog, a second skin that communicates the uniqueness of any given Chihuahua’s body and temperament. [Read more]

Sou Fujimoto, on his design for a Boston terrier:

This architecture is a living space for the dog, as well as furniture for the people, a garden within the house, as well as a gentle boundary between the people and the dog. [Read more]

Below is a video explaining how to make one of the designs, Atelier Bow Wow's plan for a dachshund. Visit Architecture for Dogs for the full range of designs and to get a blueprint, if you happen to have a dog and some carpentry skills. 

Images via Hiroshi Yoda.

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