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Are These "Go Green" Stamps At All Helpful? Are These "Go Green" Stamps At All Helpful?

Are These "Go Green" Stamps At All Helpful?

by Andrew Price

April 20, 2011

The United States Postal Service has released a set of stamps "showing what each of us can do to promote the health of our environment." Some of the suggestions are great. In a cold climate, insulating your home can yield huge energy savings (wonky report here). But other suggestions—"recycle more," for example—might not send quite the right message (how about "buy less"?) And then there's the overarching irony, as noted by Morgan Clendaniel, that the USPS is supremely energy inefficient compared to e-mail.

So what do we think? Do these just encourage a superficial understanding of the challenges facing the environment or will they help? I'm on the fence.

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