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Behold the Awesomeness That Was Neighborday Behold the Awesomeness That Was Neighborday

Behold the Awesomeness That Was Neighborday

May 24, 2013
From potlucks to garage sales to a “Cardboard Animal Picnic,” communities found amazing ways to revel, carouse, and come together on Neighborday. At the urging of GOOD, neighbors from around the globe convened to celebrate GOOD’s new holiday on the last Saturday in April—32,000 neighbors from 23 countries, to be specific. Next year, we want to double that... and then double that, until legions across the globe are bonding in their 'hoods.
This video was made by and for the GOOD community. It's a “thank you” to everyone who participated this year, and a “fuck yeah” to everyone who is going to participate next year. 
See you next April! And in the meantime, join us on Friday, May 24 for our GOOD Ideas live online chat about Neighborday.
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