Mines Are Still Super Dangerous (and Big Coal Is Still Making Big PR Gaffes)

Posted by Ben Jervey

Remember the Upper Big Branch disaster back in April, when miners died and all of sudden mine safety was a big issue in the media? Well, nine miners have died since then—this despite the public outcry and a federal crackdown that was supposed to increase scrutiny and safety in mines.

The Washington Post ran an incredible, in-depth, and disturbing look at this regulatory failure, accompanied by a powerful, moving slideshow about deceased miners and their families. Though, as Jeff Biggers pointed out, "online readers of the Washington Post today were forced to view a fatuous 'clean coal' ad prior to viewing an extraordinary photo galley on 'Death at American coal mines.'"

Clean Coal Washington Post Coal death Upper Big Branch
The Washington Post must've caught some flack—by the time I checked it out there was an ad for Amway.