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Bin Laden Is Dead. Are We Any Safer? Bin Laden Is Dead. Are We Any Safer?

Bin Laden Is Dead. Are We Any Safer?

by Ann Friedman
May 3, 2011

President Obama announced tonight that the United States has killed Al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden. He was located in Abottabad, Pakistan, a tourist hub near the Indian border.

People are gathering at the White House and at Ground Zero to celebrate. Twitter, where the news first leaked, is exploding with jokes (someone has already created a GhostOsama account). In his speech, Obama hailed Bin Laden's killing as "a testament to the greatness of our country." And hopefully this news brings some peace to the families of those killed in Al-Qaeda attacks. But considering how complex and diffuse terrorist networks are, is the world any safer now that this one man is dead? As we move forward, it's a question worth asking.

In any case, the FBI can pull down those Most Wanted posters now.

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