BioBus: A Real Life Magic School Bus Brings Science to You

Posted by Alicia Capetillo

3532231334_a3a5e0758dWhile it may not have the flight capabilities of the Magic School Bus-or the eccentric, red-haired Ms. Frizzle at the helm-Ben Dubin-Thaler's BioBus is bound to draw comparisons to the elementary school staple. Founded in 2007, the BioBus is a traveling science lab, equipped with an array of scientific equipment and aimed at educating in areas with underfunded science programs. Treehugger reports:

The carbon-neutral BioBus-it's powered 100 percent with biofuels, solar power and wind power (a wind turbine is literally attached to the front of the bus)-is based in NYC, completed a tour of the midwest last year, and is headed back to Chicago this spring for the annual BIO Convention. According to Dubin-Thaler, in the last year more than 12,000 students boarded the bus, which is run by the nonprofit Cell Motion Laboratories.
BioBus' Ph.D. level scientists conduct courses ranging from biology to physics and everything in between; they will teach content to complement each school or program's curriculum. The bus visits schools primarily but also teaches at parks, museums, urban farms, and other locations by request. With the vehicle's dedication to sustainability and hands-on science exploration, the BioBus might just become America's preferred science-centric bus.Photo via Treehugger