Bird's Eye View: The Most Comprehensive Aerial Shot of New York City

Posted by Yasha Wallin

In a photo first, Russian photographer Sergey Semenov has captured New York's Central Park in the most comprehensive panorama we've seen. Shot from a helicopter and then stitched together using Photoshop, this aerial view won first prize in the amateur category of the EPSON International Pano Awards. From the ground Central Park seems expansive; overwhelming with it's endless nooks and crannies, ponds and pathways. This perspective confirms its vastness, revealing the complexities of the 51-block long man made park.

Semenov works for Moscow-based AirPano, a "group of photo enthusiasts" who travel the world creating digital panoramas and videos of some of the globe's most iconic and beautiful locales. Though mostly taken from a helicopter, their team seems to go to any lengths to get the best aerial views, even employing dirigibles (similar to a Zeppelin), hot air balloons, and light jets. The 29-year-old Semenov made his foray into photography after a seven year run in finance. He says he was drawn to photography and the AirPano team to "share my impressions with those who can’t travel due to different circumstances."

Check out the photo in zoomable format here.

Photo courtesy of Sergey Semenov.