Bixi's Multi-city Bike Sharing

Posted by Andrew Price

bixi1-6Montreal's Bixi bike sharing system has been really successful (in terms of volume of rides, at least). Compared to some of the other bike sharing programs we've covered, it's very high tech. From Worldchanging:

The systems is based on a network of solar powered bike rental nodes that can be easily installed and moved depending on usage. The nodes also update bike availability info in realtime allowing users to check bike availability online from home, iPhones, or other mobile devices. This combination of easy installation and internet integration made Bixi instantly popular.
Now Bixi is branching out. Both Melbourne and Minneapolis are scheduled to get Bixi networks by this summer.And there's an interesting advantage to having Bixi in multiple cities: Worldchanging says there are "plans" to let a person with a Bixi membership in one city use Bixi systems in any other city they exist. This is a great idea as bikes are an especially good way to get around when you're traveling abroad. Hopefully they're not limiting their expansion to cities that begin with 'M'.Image from VeloMTL.