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Borders Wants to Give You a $15 Donors Choose Gift Card Borders Wants to Give You a $15 Donors Choose Gift Card

Borders Wants to Give You a $15 Donors Choose Gift Card

by Liz Dwyer

December 5, 2010

Want to pick up the latest novel and hook up a classroom with much-needed resources? This weekend you can do both—if you head to your local Borders bookstore.

Borders has partnered up with Donors Choose, the online charity that allows everyday citizens to support classrooms in need. During Borders Super Classroom Days if you head to a store and buy something on either Saturday, December 4, or Sunday, December 5, you'll get a $15 Donors Choose gift card that you can donate to the classroom of your choice.

It doesn't matter how much you spend. You get a gift card if you drop $2 on a cup of java in the cafe or splurge on that high-priced coffee table book you've been lusting over. Or you could buy both. Since there's no limit to the number of transactions you can make, every time you make a purchase you get a donation card.

The program is co-sponsored by The Perseus Books Group, publishers of the companion book to the documentary Waiting for "Superman." If you purchase the book, you'll find another donation code worth $15 inside the back cover.

In an era of school budget cuts, the donated funds from your purchases can definitely make a real difference for a classroom of needy kids.

Photo (cc) via Flickr user brewbooks

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