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Breakaway: Building a Brand To Get Kids Biking Breakaway: Building a Brand To Get Kids Biking

Breakaway: Building a Brand To Get Kids Biking

by Adele Peters

December 14, 2012

Can the simple fun of riding a bike help motivate kids to exercise more? That's the premise behind Cycle Kids, a Boston-based nonprofit that teaches fourth and fifth-grade students bike skills and road safety, along with nutrition and literacy. The program started in 2004, when a former tech exec learned about rapidly rising obesity and diabetes in children and decided to help share her love of biking in the schools.

Every year, the group holds a fundraising ride, and this year Cycle Kids turned to Bluerock Design to help redesign all of the materials for the fundraiser—everything from the name and logo to jerseys, water bottles, tickets, mobile apps, and a rider booklet. 

The beneficiaries of the Cycle Kids program are children, but the target audience are their families and prospective donors. Support for the program and Breakaway event was aimed at this group, going beyond the expected imagery so common in a design program for children.

Take a look at some of the designs below. They're all intended for donors; it would have been fun to see some kid-sized bike jerseys too.


Images (cc) Bluerock Design
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