Can Wind Turbines Blow the Rust Off the Rust Belt?

Posted by Morgan Clendaniel

A few months ago, we profiled John Fetterman, the mayor of a formerly dying Pennsylvania steel town named Braddock. Fetterman has been trying to revitalize Braddock by bringing in new young residents and converting the economy from old industrial to new, creative, and filled with sustainable industries. You can read our full piece on him here.Fetterman has become a big supporter of the new climate bill, based on the argument that they're going to have to build all these wind turbines somewhere, and what better place than cities that already have built-in industrial capacity. He testified to that effect in a Senate hearing on the new bill, which is currently being considered by the body. His constituents, he said, aren't that keen on being seen as environmentalists, but now they realize that "there are 250 tons of steel in a windmill."

Fetterman is also the star of a series of pretty spectacular ads emphasizing how cap-and-trade legislation can help revitalize parts of the crumbling American industry. You can see all the ads here (they are part of The Cap Solution, a website devoted to promoting cap-and-trade legislation's positive effects). I've included two of my favorites below: