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Car Sharing Is Way Up Car Sharing Is Way Up

Car Sharing Is Way Up

by Andrew Price
February 2, 2010

Between 2007 and 2009, carsharing-the sensible practice of lots people using a shared fleet of vehicles-was up by 117 percent in North America and that trend will continue. That's according to a report by the consulting outfit Frost & Sullivan. This is good news because carsharing reduces pollution, traffic, and wasted car capacity.
The two major social benefits of carsharing are fewer vehicles on the road and lower emissions. Research from Frost & Sullivan estimates that, on average, each shared vehicle replaced 15 personally owned vehicles in 2009 and carsharing members drove 31% less than when they owned a personal vehicle. These two factors translate into 482,170 fewer tons of CO2 emissions and less travel congestion in urban areas.
To learn more about carsharing, read up on Zipcar.Here, by the way, is Frost & Sullivan's amusing one-note company description (bold mine):
Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, partners with clients to accelerate their growth. The company's Growth Partnership Services and Growth Consulting services empower clients to create a growth-focused culture that generates, evaluates, and implements effective growth strategies.
Via TreeHugger.
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