Dietary Supplements: Monday, February 7 Carnivorous Clocks, McSweeney's Food, and the War on Pizza

Posted by Peter Smith

Attention designers: We're not alone when it comes to redesigning the recipe. McSweeney's forthcoming food imprint will explore new ways to format cookbooks.

Last month, it was Wal-Mart. Now, Michelle Obama is teaming up with the NRA. (That's the National Restaurant Association).

The USDA comes out against pizza, citing it as Americans’ second-largest source of saturated fat and solid fats, third-largest source of sodium (ahead of bacon!), and second-largest source of calories for children and adolescents.

And speaking of cheese: Despite changes in both artisan cheeses and cheese pathogens, the FDA's 60-day ban on raw milk cheeses has not changed.

If you really needed another reason to support food banks and soup kitchens, Mass General Hospital says that homeless people with enough to eat are at a lower risk for hospitalization.

Today's video extra (above) comes to us from Robert Krulwich, one half of Radiolab and the man behind the indispensable blog Krulwich Wonders. It's a carnivorous clock. That's right. It's the work of designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau and eight flies make the clock tick for 12 days.

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