Climategate, Fact Checked

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Climategate, Fact Checked Climategate, Fact Checked

Climategate, Fact Checked

by Ben Jervey

April 22, 2011

In this amazing video, Mother Jones lifts the curtain and shows the long, arduous process of fact-checking reporter Kate Sheppard's new feature on the Climategate scandal.

Specifically, the video focuses on fact-checker Jaeah Lee's research on the famous (and stupidly controversial) "hockey stick graph" that Sheppard's piece—and much of Climategate—revolves around. If you have four and a half minutes to arm yourself with every defense you'll need to shut up anyone who brings up Climategate, watch this video.

And, yes, part of us just loves that there's a video out there "starring" fact checkers, who we in the magazine business owe for our credibility. Sheppard's feature on Climategate, by the way, is reason enough to order yourself up a subscription to Mother Jones right away. It's a champion piece of journalism. Or, you know, read it for free online. They've also got a nice timeline of the so-called "scandal."

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