Clinton to Tell Obama "It's the Economy, Stupid" in Person

Posted by Patrick James

Clinton Obama It's the Economy, StupidThe Washington Post reports that our nation's 42nd president, Bill Clinton, has been invited to the White House to spend some quality time with our 44th (and current) president, Barack Obama.

White House officials have not said what the pair will discuss, but their meeting comes at a very intriguing time: Some Democrats who thought Clinton hewed to the political center too much after the party lost in the 1994 elections have said they are worried they are seeing another Democratic president's attempt at "triangulation."

And Obama, while facing strong liberal criticism this week, is trying to deal with a newly empowered GOP majority and to repeat the feat of Clinton, who reached agreements with Republicans on some key issues but also defeated them in his reelection run in 1996.

Adopting Clinton's wildly successful campaign mantra, "it's the economy, stupid," could prove as much a boon to Obama's midterm public opinion as it did to garnering votes back in the 1990s. Any chance the two play a game of HORSE?

Photo (cc) by Flickr user ProgressOhio