Coding for GOOD Office Hours: Got Coding Questions? We Can Help

Posted by GOOD HQ

This content was produced by GOOD with support of Apollo Group

Last week, GOOD and Apollo Group announced the launch of Coding for GOOD, a free online program that teaches the basics of coding in sixteen easy-to-follow lessons. It's our effort to bridge the skills gap through real-world application and includes quizzes to test your knowledge, challenges to practice your skills, and videos from engineers at companies like Twitter and Grooveshark.

Users will gain fundamental coding skills and one lucky Coding for GOOD participant will have the chance to work at GOOD. In December, we'll begin taking final projects submitted from participants and the top three candidates will be flown to Los Angeles for a hack-a-thon. The hack-a-thon winner will have the chance to receive a job offer from GOOD. (Learn more about the full selection process and complete rules here).

Of course, we know that when you first start tackling coding and developing, you're bound to have questions and challenges. But don't get frustrated, get help! Our team of engineers and developers are ready to answer your questions about everything from loops and arrays to HTML tags and javascript coding.

Post your coding questions in the comments section below by midnight (12:00AM PT) on Wednesday, November 7 and stay tuned when we post answers for them on Thursday, November 8.