Confronting Comfort: BMW Guggenheim Lab Opens Confronting Comfort: BMW Guggenheim Lab Opens

Confronting Comfort: BMW Guggenheim Lab Opens

by GOOD Partner

June 21, 2012

The project's overarching theme, Confronting Comfort, spans the first two-year cycle of the six-year project. The goal is to explore aspects of contemporary urban life, including infrastructure, technology, and sustainability practices, and start a dialogue about the future of cities.

Project: Call for Ideas- How Would You Transform a Public Space?

If you’ve ever spent time daydreaming about redesigning your city to make it a more welcoming, friendly, and sustainable place, then this is for you. The BMW Guggenheim Lab wants to know how you would transform a public space in your city to make it more comfortable. 

Check back at City Forward to submit your idea from June 19–July 17. Ideas, as selected by BMW Guggenheim Lab curator Maria Nicanor, will be featured on GOOD and on BMW Guggenheim Lab's website, social media and e-news (the lab's newsletter) updates.

City Forward was produced with BMW Guggenheim Lab, a mobile laboratory traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban life. For more ways to get involved now, check out the BMW Guggenheim Lab website and its social networks. Sign up to receive the latest news and get involved. Connect on Twitter @BMWGuggLab and join the conversation via #BGLab.

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Confronting Comfort: BMW Guggenheim Lab Opens