Davis Guggenheim on Great Teachers

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Davis Guggenheim on Great Teachers Davis Guggenheim on Great Teachers

Davis Guggenheim on Great Teachers

by Nikhil Swaminathan

September 30, 2010

The folks over at the online community Take Part—a subsidiary of Participant Media, which produced the film Waiting for "Superman"—sat down with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim to discuss what was "at the heart of great teaching."

Taking a cue from shorts paired with stories from This American Life, they made an animation to go along with Guggenheim's narration. The director tells the story of his 10th grade American history teacher, who, despite Guggenheim's atrocious academic performance, was able to look beyond his grades and plant the seeds that inspired him to his current level of success.

It's a sweet story and one that a lot of us can relate to. And, it serves as a reminder that, while a lot of the debate on education reform targets bad/ineffective teachers, there are plenty of instructors out there who are worth celebrating.

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