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Denver Busts Urban Farming’s Yuppie Stereotype Denver Busts Urban Farming’s Yuppie Stereotype

Denver Busts Urban Farming’s Yuppie Stereotype

by Grist

June 9, 2010
When we were still in Seattle, preparing for this project, a few friends asked if this was a tour of "yuppie urban farm projects." Isn't that who participates in the urban farm? They generalized.
I will now suggest that they take a few laps on their fixed-gear bikes through Denver. This year, the nonprofit Denver Urban Gardens will support the construction of its 100th community garden. We only had time to visit four of them in the two days we were in town, but we got a kaleidoscope of ages, ethnicities, socio-economic strata, and motivations: the suburbanites in formerly rural Aurora, African, and Asian refugees in East Colfax, school students all over the place, and upper-middle-class professionals in Rosedale.
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Photo via Grist courtesy of Michael Hanson
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