Designers: Win an 'Ideas that Matter' Grant

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Designers: Win an 'Ideas that Matter' Grant Designers: Win an 'Ideas that Matter' Grant

Designers: Win an 'Ideas that Matter' Grant

by Sappi Fine Paper North America

June 9, 2013


Good design inspires people to take action, great ideas change the world. For the past 14 years, this conviction has been the guiding foundation for Sappi's annual Ideas that Matter program. Aimed to recognize and support designers who use their skills and expertise to help solve meaningful  problems, the Ideas that Matter grant program has funded over 500 nonprofit projects and contributed more than $12 million worldwide to causes that enhance our lives, our communities and our planet—addressing critical issues from diversity and human rights to improving health in underdeveloped countries.

Sappi started Ideas that Matter to encourage designers to go beyond the aesthetic, and to use their creative problem-solving skills in order to bring about positive change. Over the years, Ideas that Matter has fostered close-knit collaboration among the program’s alumni, who have gone on to continue to inspire future grantees to truly make a difference. Today, we are proud to see this legacy continue and ask you: What are your Ideas that Matter? What inspires you to design for good?

This year’s 2013 Call for Entries are open until July 19. Design firms, agencies, in-house corporate design departments, design instructors, and individual design students or design student groups are encouraged to apply. To obtain an entry form and for more on Ideas that Matter, as well as application specifics, visit This year, in response to the firm belief that design for social good should be integrated into design practices, we have added the opportunity for applicants to include an honorarium of up to 10 percent of the overall value of the grant to support their time for design work. Grants will be revealed in September 2013.

Follow our profile to stay tuned for further articles in GOOD, highlighting past Ideas that Matter winner projects that showcase the work that can be done when designers collaborate for the greater good. There is much more to do. Together, we can make a difference that will help to shape our lives, communities and the world around us.

Photo of MICA food truck project courtesy of Sappi Fine Paper North America.

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