Did Google Break Canada Privacy Laws? Did Google Break Canada Privacy Laws?

Did Google Break Canada Privacy Laws?

by Siobhan O'Connor

October 22, 2010

It looks as though, yes, Google has broken Canadian privacy laws with their street view cars, by illegally collecting personal information—by accident, mind you.

According to the Guardian:

Google committed a "serious violation of Canadians' privacy rights" when it accidentally intercepted and stored data including emails and, separately, names of people suffering from certain medical conditions, Jennifer Stoddart, the Canadian privacy commissioner said on Tuesday.

This isn't exactly news, as Google already apologized for accidentally scanning and collecting private information through unencrypted wi-fi when its street-view cars were making the rounds. Canada has given Google until February 1 to delete all the info it collected.

Image via Droid Life

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Did Google Break Canada Privacy Laws?