Digital Security: 5 Future Technology Predictions from IBM

Posted by GOOD Partner

Your behavior is packed with data that can be utilized to maximize your digital security. IBM researchers are looking at the unique behaviors of individuals to develop the next generation of privacy and protection.

IBM researchers predict that in five years, a “digital guardian” will protect you online. As a result, security will no longer be dependent on vulnerable modes of protection like passwords, but will be automatic and made stronger through us just being us.

In addition to facial and voice recognition becoming more prevalent in deterring digital crimes like credit card fraud, personal aggregated data (from your work schedule to your most recent trip to the gas station) could be utilized to protect your security. Check out the video and learn more about the future with your digital guardian.

Every year IBM makes predictions about 5 technology innovations that stand to change the way we live within the next 5 years. This set of predictions, narrated by Mo Rocca, is all about personalization. See the other predictions at