DIY: Make This Beautiful Log Lounge Chair for Just $30

Posted by Yasha Wallin

The log lounge chair is one of the coolest DIY projects I've seen in a while, and it can be all yours with a little bit of free time, a steady hand, and about $30. This instructional video—brought to you by HomeMade Modern—shows what you need to start with: a drill, chainsaw, screws, some logs. They estimate the actual construction time will be about six hours, but that's not including the couple of hours that you could spend in nature, foraging for your own materials, which is a great excuse to get outside. The reward of not only collecting materials, but crafting them with your own hands, will be that much greater.

HomeMade Modern originally came up with the DIY tutorial for Earth Day to show how to transform waste into home furnishings, but it's a great guide to do anytime. For a full, detailed tutorial visit their website.

Image via HomeMade Moderna and Ryobi