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Do Elementary Students Know What a Record Is? Do Elementary Students Know What a Record Is?

Do Elementary Students Know What a Record Is?

by Liz Dwyer

January 16, 2011

In a video (in French; see it with English subtitles here) that is sure to simultaneously make you feel both really old and really amazed by how rapidly technology has changed in the past 30 years, elementary school kids in Montreal, Canada are exposed to some late 20th century tech gadgets. Cyberpresse researcher Jean-Christophe Laurence shows the students"old school" objects—like floppy disks, a Nintendo Game Boy, and a Fisher Price 45 rpm record player—and asks them to guess what they're for.

One student amusingly suggests that the Game Boy looks like a taser, and another thinks a floppy disk is somehow camera related. Hands down the best moment comes when one boy goes from having no idea what a record is, to inadvertently discovering hip-hop-style scratching. Overall, it's fascinating to see how their knowledge of modern technology makes most of their guesses not that far off the mark.

via The Daily What

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