Osama Bin Laden on the New TSA Screenings

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Osama Bin Laden on the New TSA Screenings Osama Bin Laden on the New TSA Screenings

Osama Bin Laden on the New TSA Screenings

by Morgan Clendaniel

December 8, 2010

Remember just last week when everyone was so upset about the TSA pat downs? Our attention spans being what they are (and Wikileaks being so intriguing), that story is no more, though people continue to fly and continue to get their testicles grazed by the TSA. Now we can make jokes about it. Twitter user Theramina tweeted this picture today (though she says its creator is anonymous). It's a brilliant distillation of one facet of the argument against the TSA's screening procedures. The problem for the TSA is that they can't prove their counter-argument: that these pat-downs are making us safer. Obviously, finding a terrorist with a bomb while using a back-scatter device or doing a pat down would bolster their case. But part of the idea is that terrorists, knowing that the TSA will touch their balls, are forced to spend time and money thinking of new ways to blow up planes. And there is no way for the TSA to prove that is working. So, they continue to toil away while we mock them.

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