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Donate Your Time (or Share Your Tools) for the L.A. River's Day of Service Donate Your Time (or Share Your Tools) for the L.A. River's Day of Service

Donate Your Time (or Share Your Tools) for the L.A. River's Day of Service

by Alissa Walker
April 27, 2011

Whether you bike its path daily or simply drive over its bridges, here's your chance to stop and show the Los Angeles River a little love. This Saturday, Friends of the L.A. River (also known as FoLAR) are teaming up with Mayor Villaraigosa's office for their annual day of service for L.A.'s beloved waterway. On April 30 the 50-plus miles of the river's banks will host activities organized by local community groups, including 14 locations where anyone can show up and put in a much-needed few hours of clean-up time. Simply choose the site nearest you and be there at 9:00 a.m. ready to work.

Now, we know some of you don't have the equipment to participate in a massive river clean-up day—and others of you probably have trash-grabbers just gathering dust in your garages. So we've teamed up with NeighborGoods to help anyone borrow or share the tools to make your river cleaning afternoon a success. Just visit the L.A. River Clean Up group at NeighborGoods and check the wishlist to see what FoLAR has recommended volunteers bring. Even if you can't be at the actual event, you can help by listing anything from hand trowels to waders for other volunteers to share (any fly fishermen out there?).

Plus, you will be rewarded for your hard work! After you've put in your service hours, you're invited to a party. From 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. the band Ozomatli will be performing songs about the river written by Los Angeles kids—including one written by a lucky winner who will perform their song with the band. That happens at Rio de Los Angeles State Park, on the eastern side of the river across from Frogtown. What better way to spend a day giving back to L.A.? All details here.

Photo by Kim Wilson

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