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Early Volt Buyers Get Free Charging Stations Early Volt Buyers Get Free Charging Stations

Early Volt Buyers Get Free Charging Stations

by Andrew Price
June 18, 2010

Nice work, Chevy. This won't solve all the problems with electric vehicles, but it's still good news:

The first buyers of the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle with extended-range capability will be eligible for one of 4,400 free home charging stations. The program will provide Volt owners with a 240-volt charge station from either ECOtality, Inc. or Coulomb Technologies. In many cases, it will include the cost of home installation.

Of course, Volt owners don't have to have a 240-volt charging station. The car can also charge on a normal 120-volt electrical outlet. But the 240-volt stations are much faster and normally cost a few thousand dollars, so this is a real incentive to be first in line if you're planning to get an electric car at all. The program is funded by (you guessed it) the stimulus bill.

Your move, Nissan.

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