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Education: Morning Opinion Roundup Education: Morning Opinion Roundup

Education: Morning Opinion Roundup

by Amanda M. Fairbanks
January 9, 2010

Morning opinion roundup:From the Los Angeles Times: Beverly Hills' Unwanted Out-of-TownersThe school district wants to oust nonresident students who are now a financial liability. That's wrong.From the Boston Globe: A Rescue Mission For EducationMassachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says that private schools are not the answer. Public schools are where most children get their education, and they should be consistently excellent.From The New York Times: The Replacements In 28 states, a principal can hire as a substitute teacher anyone with a high-school diploma or a general-equivalency diploma. In many places the person can be as young as 18. Not a single state requires that substitutes hold a teaching degree.From Miler-McCune: Arts Education Promotes Emotional IntelligenceAs arts education is pushed further to the margins by the emphasis on standardized testing, a tool for nurturing children's social and emotional development is being lost.Photo via
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