Evolution Kit: Making TV Upgrades a Little Greener

Posted by Adele Peters

We've been looking at several ways that electronics can be designed to last longer, from microwaves to cell phones. Now Samsung has announced a new approach to longer-lasting televisions. Their Smart TV, a computer-like television, can be upgraded by replacing a small box on the back called an "Evolution Kit," rather than replacing the whole TV. Upgrades will come out each year.

For Samsung, it's a way to sell more products; people who might not have replaced their TV might replace the kit. But for those who would have been getting rid of the whole appliance, this is a good way to give them a more sustainable alternative. Every time someone chooses to improve old tech instead of buying something new, they're avoiding huge environmental costs. 

A bigger question: how many people use TVs anymore? For many, a computer (and maybe an external monitor, or even a projector) can replace a TV completely. 

Image courtesy of Samsung