Exploring Data Visualization With Two Years' Worth of Food Looking Into Data Visualization With Laura Manning's Food Consumed

Posted by Peter Smith

For the last two years, designer Lauren Manning has been meticulously documenting the food she eats. Now, she's using this single, rather impressive, data set to depict her eating habits in "a bajillion different ways." Well, actually about 40 different ways. Manning writes:

Data sets vary tremendously, so one man’s brilliant solution can be another’s complete failure. Instead of seeing many excellent visualizations of all different data sets, what if you could see tons of visualizations of the same data set? What new comparisons, knowledge and structure might be developed from this?

Her thesis project also tracked how audiences responded to the various visualization styles, so it will be interesting to find out, particularly when it comes to looking at food, whether photographic representations communicate information more effectively than some of the less complex, illustrated versions—results that could certainly have implications in the way we go about labeling food.

Images: Lauren Manning (via datavisualization.ch)