Feast Your Eyes: Combat Cutlery Feast Your Eyes: Combat Cutlery

Feast Your Eyes: Combat Cutlery

by Nicola Twilley

January 12, 2011

Each item in this antique cutlery set includes its own built-in flint-lock pistol. How to be a Retronaut explains simply that:

These weapons carry the maker’s mark F X RICHTER IN REICHEBERG and date from about 1715. The pistol frames are in bronze gilt, and the lockwork is unusual because it is entirely external.

Multi-purpose eating implements have a long and innovative history, from this nearly 2,000-year-old combination Roman eating utensil to the minimalist perfection of today's spork. Dinner and murder have a similarly extensive and intimate relationship—think of the Borgias or any number of Hercule Poirot mysteries. That said, I can still think of no rational reason to incorporate a gun into a fork. Any ideas?

Thanks to Tim Maly for the link.

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Feast Your Eyes: Combat Cutlery