Feast Your Eyes: Taco Ingredients Under the Microscope

Posted by Nicola Twilley

GOOD reader Adam Saynuk sent us these stunning micro-photographs of different taco ingredients. Saynuk explains that the Hoboken-based Taco Truck gave him 35 little cups filled with everything from red cabbage and diced tomato to Mexican cinnamon and guajillo chiles.

I shot them with a high-magnification lens. The vibrant colors present in the photos are all natural. It's often surprising how much color is available in tiny things that our eyes can't normally see.

Ten of Saynuk's photos are now hanging in an installation in the Taco Truck's first brick-and-mortar store, and all of them can be viewed on his website.

Photos: (1) Pickled jalapeños; (2) Guajillo chiles; both courtesy Adam Saynuk.