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Figures of Progress: Explore How Data Drives Innovation Figures of Progress: Explore How Data Drives Innovation

Figures of Progress: Explore How Data Drives Innovation

by GOOD Partner

July 2, 2013

This content is brought to you by GOOD with support of IBM

Last year, GOOD and IBM teamed up to bring you Figures of Progress, a platform created to explore how data and information changes the world around us. We featured stories from nonprofits like Homeboy Industries, Storycorps, and, plus interviews with business leaders from companies like Etsy, eBay, and LinkedIn to learn more about the power of data to make our world better.

This year, we’re bringing Figures of Progress back with new weekly content including stories, infographics, videos and more conversations with changemakers and industry leaders. Each month, we’ll focus in on a specific sector like healthcare or design and see how social business, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies are driving future innovations.

Whether industry leaders are using data to crowd-source improvements to education or to connect talent to job opportunities, they're are constantly finding innovative ways to solve problems using data. Join us as we share more stories of leaders making positive impact and change.

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