Former Zipcar Executive Shaking up Transportation in D.C.

Posted by Andrew Price

I don't know how we missed this story, but Gabe Klein, a former executive at Zipcar, the urban carsharing company, has been transportation chief in Washington, D.C. since early 2009, and he's shaking things up:

Klein is expanding the city's red, dollar-a-ride Circulator bus system beyond tourist destinations and into more neighborhoods. He's promoting car sharing and, with Tregoning's office, said he hopes to build on a bike-sharing pilot program with 1,000 new bicycles and 100 stations.
Here's Gabe Klein talking about transportation in D.C. (and about Gabe Klein):
He's made some enemies at the AAA though:
"There's an overly antagonistic attitude toward motorists right now," said Lon Anderson, public relations director for AAA. Among his beefs with Klein are higher parking meter rates, extending meter enforcement to Saturdays and evenings and a new lane along a portion of 15th Street NW devoted to bicyclists.
I remain really confused by this artificial divide between "motorists" and other people. In reality we all drive some and we all also have an interest in making other modes of transportation convenient and competitive.At any rate, it looks like Klein is doing fantastic work. Any D.C. residents with first-hand opinions?