Future-Jobs-O-Matic Tells Your Job's Future

Posted by Alex Goldmark

Worried about the future of your job? Wondering what career path to trod? Well APM's Marketplace has created this handy dandy "Future-Jobs-O-Matic" to forecast the future health of different jobs and industries. Plus, the snarky commentary breaks the bad news to you with a dose of humor. 

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal won't like what his own web tool has to say about his future, or more likely, he's really grateful he's bucking the trend.

future-jobs-o-matic radio

The site also lists the fastest growing and shrinking jobs and the highest and lowest paid ones. Sadly, the top two highest growing—home health aide, and waiter—are also in the lowest paid column.

shrinking jobs list

See the full list here.

All the forecasting is based on real data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here's the page used to generate the positive prognosis on loggers below.

future-jobs-o-matic loggers

If you find a career using this, let me know.