Giant Food Falling from the Sky

Posted by Nicola Twilley

Twelve of the fifteen strangest items dropped to mark the start of the New Year in different towns and cities around America are edible. The other three are a wrench, a drag queen in a shoe, and Snooki.

I actually appreciate the idea of highlighting a local specialty at civic celebrations—it's an expression of shared pride and an acknowledgment of the importance of food production to the entire community.

Whether a 100-pound yellow illuminated fiberglass Peep candy should be so honored is another question altogether...

For the curious, all fifteen can be seen over at Buzzfeed. They consist of a dill pickle in a top hat in Dillsburg, PA; a pinecone in Flagstaff, AZ; a drag queen in a shoe in Key West, FL; a sausage in Elmore, OH; a fish in Port Clinton, OH; cheese in Plymouth, WI; a stick of bologna in Lebanon, PA; possums in Brasstown, NC, and Tallapoosa, GA; Snooki in a ball in Seaside Heights, NJ; a giant acorn in Raleigh, NC; a wrench in Mechanicsburg, PA; and, as pictured, a Peep in Bethlehem, PA; a peach in Atlanta, GA; and a bag of chips in Lewistown, PA.

Does your town drop anything edible to mark the New Year?

From top to bottom, a bag of Hartley's chips from Lewistown, PA, a giant peach in Atlanta, GA, and a yellow Peep in Bethlehem, PA, where 4.2 million of the indestructible marshmallow candies are made each day—all photos via Buzzfeed.